Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Some thank you's bring tears to your eyes!

I was lucky enough to get one of those today.  I received an email from a former student's mom telling me that her child said I was a "genius" for teaching him a little trick for learning the metric system.  It's not a trick I made it from a book, but the important stuck.  That little guy remembered what I taught him way back in fourth grade (he's an 8th grader now)!

I have received 3 emails like that in my few years of teaching and each one brings tears to my eyes and reminds me exactly why I'm doing what I do!  If one little nugget of information sticks with just one kid and can help them after they leave my classroom I've done my job! 

Teaching can be an exhausting and sometimes thankless job, but today I was reminded that while I may not hear all the thank you's all the time.... I'm making a difference!  I adore every one of my students...past and present, and while the students in my very first class are juniors this year, I still think about them often.  No matter how old they grow or how far away they go they will always have a little piece of my heart!

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  1. The principal in the building where I did my student teaching told me to save all of my positive thank-you notes and cards from the kids in a special box and then read through some of them when I needed to be reminded why I became a teacher in the first place...especially on those rough days. You should print out those emails and keep them in a special place...just in case you need to "hear it" again! :)

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