Monday, September 17, 2012

Going off the grid....for a week anyway.

Tomorrow night starts our semi-annual consignment sale which means 14 hour work days and one tired momma.  We set up for the sale from 5-9 and I have to try to squeeze in an eye exam at 4pm because wouldn't you know, my prescription has expired and I only have until the end of the month to use the rest of the money in my flex account....why wasn't I more aware of this when I had all summer to get it done???

 (All the pics are from previous sales)

Wednesday and Thursday nights our consignors start dropping off their things....two more 5-9 work shifts.

On Friday I took a personal day so I could spend all 12 hours out at the sale.  Friday night is a big night!  Our amazing volunteers and consignors get to shop before we open up the sale to the public.

Saturday is a LOOOONG one.  It's another 12 hour day, but after working that many long days in a row I'm usually dog tired.  People start lining up to get into the sale about an hour before it starts....picture Black Friday....seriously, it's nuts!

Sunday we will head back out for 4 hours to sort through all the leftover stuff, hold our donation party (my favorite part of the whole sale), help the consignors get back the stuff that didn't sell that they don't want to donate, and wrap it all up by tearing down the racks and loading the last few items onto the donation trucks!

Sunday night I'll try to enjoy dinner with my kiddos and get as much grading done as possible.  I'm so thankful I worked all weekend to get 2 weeks worth of lesson plans, copies, and laminating done.  If I use my plan time wisely this week I should be able to stay on top of most of the grading, emailing, parent communication, etc. 

Since I will be working two jobs this week and trying to be some kind of mother to my children I've decided to let go of Facebook, email, and blogging.  See you all in week!

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  1. Oh my goodness! You have your hands full this week! Have a great one!

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