Monday, September 24, 2012

I survived sale weekend!!

That's right, I made it!  The consignment sale is over and I'm still around to tell about it.  It was so amazing!!!  We are so lucky to know the very best people.....our volunteers, consignors, and vendors are just plain AWESOME!!!  They work so hard and help Sarah and I make our sale great!  I can't believe we have been doing this thing for 10 years, and I can't believe how huge it has grown :)

I gotta tell you though, I was so dog tired on Friday night I wasn't sure I was going to make it.  Then Saturday rolled around and by noon I stuffy and had a sore throat.....yikes!  Thankfully I was feeling better Sunday and today I'm thinking it's just my yuck'o allergies.  We hold the sale at the National Guard Armory, and since they store military equipment and truck in there it's not exactly a clean environment and all that dust just made my little ol' allergies go CRAZY!!

I can't believe off to school again today.  I'm thinking I probably should've at least taken a half day for myself.  I really could use another few hours of sleep!  Plus, my girlie is sick with a head cold.  She will probably go to school today, but she has the kinda cold where she could make it through school, but one more day of rest might be better.  I'm just glad that we have no place to be after school today, and at 5:00 I can come home, make dinner take a little walk with Charlie, and relax.

I know it's only Monday, but since I worked like a mad woman all weekend I am really ready for this coming weekend!  Sis and I are going to put out the fall decorations.  The temperatures are just right for it, and I might even do a little baking.  It's amazing how the normal work weeks seems so busy and short, but then you work five 12 hour days and realize.....dang, I've got all kinds of free time in the evening. 

I promise to have a post this week about the fun stuff going on in our classroom.  We are wrapping up a fun leaf writing project and this is our last training week on Daily week we are in full swing....I'm a little nervous! 

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