Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Welcoming back my students

So I won't officially be welcoming my students to the first day of school until next Tuesday, but I have been working on some little goodies for them.  I like to have something on their desks when they arrive that first morning that says, "Welcome, I'm so glad you're here!".  This year I chose the Welcome Bags that Tasha from Serenade to Second Grade featured in a post last year.  She has a free printable....check it out!

I purchased the bags at the Dollar Tree as well as the eraser tips, pencils, and most of the candy!

This is what their desk will look like when they arrive Tuesday morning.  The letter was an inspiration from Caroline at Tupelo Honey.  I created my own version using colors that match my classroom.  I also wanted an individual letter for each student (I plan to hand write their names on them as soon as I find out who's in my class :)  I think the handwritten name and individual letter makes it so much more personal.

I'm planning to upload a copy this morning to my Scribd account.  Check back a little later and pick up a copy for students!

Today I'm purchasing some inexpensive black fabric to cover all of my bulletin boards, going to the recyclers one last time on a weekday morning (seems silly to mention, but that place is PACKED on Saturday mornings during the school year....I will miss the quiet weekday mornings), and to stock up on some groceries before the craziness starts.  Lastly, we are off to the high school to help my son find his locker and his classes.  He is moving to the brand new huge building this year and I think it's going to take some getting used to.  I sure hope he has an AMAZING high school experience!!!

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