Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's Thursday????

How on earth is it Thursday?  I haven't have a single second to breathe let alone blog.  I'm missing my leisurely summer mornings with plenty of time to create and blog.  This week has had very little leisure and zero creating or blogging.

Monday night I gave a parent orientation and went to a parent orientation, Tuesday night I came home from school at 5pm, but then continued working until 9pm, last night I did enjoy a little relaxation at bunco, but unfortunately it was another night away from home.  Tonight I've got another hour of school work to do before I start to make a plan on this disaster of a house.

Is anyone else as overwhelmed at this time of the school year as I am?  I know it's just the beginning of the school year and it will all come together and slow down, but tonight I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed.

I'm so very thankful for this 3 day weekend.  I'll get two days to relax, and a whole day alone in my classroom to get caught up and ready for next week.   I promise to have a decent post with some actual lesson plans and a review of what we did during the first full week of school, but for tonight....I think I'll just give my brain a rest and tuck myself in for an early bedtime!!

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  1. I'm totally overwhelmed and so grateful for the 3-day weekend too! We'll get our groove back, right??

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