Saturday, August 11, 2012

10 things I learned this week....

10. An 11 year old girl would have her friends move in with her if that was at all an option!
Katie has been the queen of sleepovers, pool dates, and hang out time with her friends.  While I adore her sweet little friends, I am ready for that part of summer to be over and for the quiet nights of fall when I get my little girl back.

9. A serious accident really makes you stop and think.
My 16 your old second cousin was in a serious auto accident yesterday.  He came away with a broken leg and other injuries, but unfortunately the individuals in the other car were not so lucky.  Jacob is turning 16 in less than two weeks and will be driving to school every day.....I am terrified for him!  I can't imagine what my cousin and his wife must've been going through when they got that call, and I hope I never, ever have to know!

8. A list is a beautiful thing!
I am the queen of list making....I love nothing better than crossing things off a huge to-do list.  This week was full of accomplishments, and I'm feeling pretty darn good about it!  I think I'll give myself a pat on the back and get started on another list for next week!

7. The chef isn't always on.
Jake loves to grill and he's pretty darn good at it. Last night Katie requested his cheddar and bacon stuffed burgers.  As we were all sitting down to eat he calls from the basement (he chose to eat there because Katie had a friend sleeping over and he tries to stay as far away from them as possible ;), :Don't eat those!"  They were still raw in the middle.  Well, we all took apart our burgers and put them back on the grill.  When he thought they were good and done he brought them back in.  The girls and I had great burgers.....Jake's was still raw.  He was so bummed!  He threw it out and gave up on dinner for the night....nothing more disappointing than working your tail off on a meal and then not be able to enjoy it :(

I love this pic of him :)

6. I love laminating!
It's not so much the process of laminating, but the cutting out of laminating.  There is just something sort of soothing about the scissors gliding through the lamination film and the sense of accomplishment when you have a nice, neat pile of perfectly laminated goodies.....oh my goodness I am a weirdo!

5. Menu planning is well worth the effort.
Last month I planned out all the meals for the entire month of August.  It has been SO nice to just pick up that little calendar, make a grocery list and be done.  Tomorrow I'm working on a September menu!

4. I may be stressed.
I had a headache all day Wednesday and Thursday and it finally went away on Friday.  Unfortunately, it came back Friday night and is here again this morning....uuugh!  I have had  plenty of water, tried caffeine, have been eating well, took a long walk all three days, and have been sleeping okay.  The only thing left to attribute it to is stress....the strange thing is, I don't feel stressed at all!  The one thing I do know....I am REALLY sick of this headache!!!!

3. Having the windows open is a beautiful thing!
It's 56 degrees this morning and the windows are open and the house is getting a little chilly, and you can almost feel fall.....I'm loving it!

2. We have a move in date!
We were told yesterday that we can get into our classrooms at the end of the day on the 17th!  The 16th and 17th are our first official days back to school (for teachers), and are filled with meetings.  That means we have Saturday, Sunday and Monday to unpack every single thing we own, put together a classroom, and prepare for open house Monday night and the first day of school on Tuesday......aaaagh!!!!  No, I'm not going to freak out....I swear!  I'm going to cherish the fact that I get three more days at home with my peeps.  That means I get to take Jake to the high school to help him find his locker and classes, spend a couple of more days at the pool with Sis, and cross a few more things off my list before going back to work!!

1. I'm so excited for tomorrow I can hardly stand it!!!!
Jake is getting his big 16th birthday gift at lunch tomorrow and I can't wait! 


  1. Hope the headache goes away! I am pretty sure I would have one if I only had 3 days to put my room together. I have been going in for an hour or two here and there for 2 weeks.

    1. Thanks Dawn! I'm starting to think it's allergies. I've had the windows open for the past 2 days (KS finally fell below 100 degrees) and that's when it started. Yes, the classroom situation is completely freaking me out!!

  2. Sorry to hear about your cousin, it definitely can be scary out there. We have our meet-and-greet scheduled 2 days after we come back-2 days of meetings all day, so I'm getting a little anxious about getting the room done too. Very jealous that you can open your windows-it's so hot here, even in the mornings.


    1. Thanks for the kind words! We are feeling very fortunate to have some cooler weather. It got to 92 yesterday, but after having weeks and weeks of 103+ it actually felt pretty cool :)


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