Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I can't believe it's last day of summer!

Yep, today is officially my last day of summer.  It doesn't feel like summer is over since I haven't been able to step foot in my classroom (it's been renovated so I have no idea how many bulletin boards I have, what kind of storage is there, how big my windows are....), have no clue what my schedule looks like, or any idea how many students I will have on Tuesday.  It's a strange end to summer and a strange beginning to a new school year.  My fingers are crossed that our building is done at the end of the day on Friday and that we can all spend our weekend there getting our rooms ready!!!

Lucky for me, my last day of summer forecasts sunny skies with a high of 95!!  I'm planning to spend the morning getting tags for my Jake's new car, the afternoon poolside with Sis and her friends, and the evening preparing a yummy dinner of Baskin Robbins (that was Kate's idea)

and a ladder ball tournament in the backyard!  It's looking like I'm going to get a pretty amazing last day of summer!!!

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