Sunday, August 19, 2012

10 things I learned....

 10. Doggies know when we are working to much and show it by pulling all the cleaning supplies out of the pantry and dragging them all over the living room.....if they're really depressed about your departure they will even eat a Clorox Toilet Wand refill  :(

9. All that hard work I put in this summer making stuff for my classroom is paying off!!

8. Only having 4 days to unpack a classroom, decorate, and get ready for a new school year is just simply not enough and causes a small amount of panic and 4 sleepless nights.

7. Jacob may have a fear of heights after standing on a 10 ft ladder and reaching high above his head to hang pom poms from the ceiling of my's worth it though because those things are so stinking cute!!!

6. Katie still needs a certain amount of "Mom time", and working 12-14 hours days isn't helping with glad we came home at 4 yesterday and relaxed and enjoyed a game night!

5. Menu planning a month in advance is a dream!!!  This week has been absolutely insane and having those menus planned out and all the supplies in the refrigerator has made dinner prep a cinch!

4. I'm very nervous to meet my new fourth graders and their parents on Monday night....every year the butterflies start a few days before the first day!

 3. The college students are back and this town just isn't the same.....only about 270 days until the next summer vacation and a quiet little town!

2. I am completely in love with these cool fallish (yeah it's a word) mornings and the fact that I have been able to have the A/C off for almost 3 whole days!!

1. My children are amazing, caring, giving, selfless individuals and I couldn't be prouder.  One of my teacher  friends had surgery about 10 days ago, and she too only has 4 short days to put her room together :(  My kiddies worked for almost 6 hours yesterday helping her get things ready.....I love those two little peeps!!!


  1. #10 Yikes! And I totally get you on #6. I'm going back this week and will need to find some semblance of balance. Glad you finally got in your classroom!


    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

    1. Thanks Megan! #10 is nothing compared to a day last fall when that little bugger got the entire bowl of Halloween candy off the counter and opened it all over the house :( How does a short little Basset Hound reach the countertop???


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