Sunday, August 26, 2012

10 things I learned....

10. No matter how prepared I try to be for the beginning of the school year it never fails to take me down!
I spent countless hours this summer making things for my classroom and getting ready for the first day of school, but I was still caught off guard by how exhausting it was.  Nothing like going from relax-all-day-without-a-care-in-the-world to on-nonstop-for-6-straight-hours-teaching-68-kids-in-a-day.  I know it will get easier as the weeks go on, but this week truly kicked my tush!!!

9. Indoor recess on the 4th day of school and a 15 minute lunch break are not the very best way to end the first week of school.....nuf said!

8. 4th graders are equally as excited after the first balloon pops as they are after the 23rd balloon pops!
We played a get-to-know-you game where each student wrote three things about themselves on a strip of paper and then put it into a balloon.  They blew up the balloon, tied it off, then took turns popping them and trying to guess the mystery person.  It was loud, but you would've thought this was the most exciting thing they'd ever done in their lives....hilarious!!!

7. Getting a gummy worm from the top of a cup, tipping the cup over, and putting the worm and a peach ring into the cup using only paper clips is easier than it looks, and about as exciting as popping balloons.

6.  It is absolutely amazing what you learn about individuals when they are left to put a 100 piece puzzle together with three other people.

5. I might actually be okay with the idea of my son driving.
He drove to school all week, picked up Katie from school, and went to the college basketball court to play basketball with a group of friends.....and I didn't have a panic attack.  I just might survive this!

6. My daughter is becoming a young lady and it is causing about as much stress as her brother driving!
We went to pay dance fees and realized she needed new dance shoes.  She had to get a size 7....last year she was a 4.5!!!!  Then we went to Target to spend the $20 gift card she got from a teacher friend of mine and she purchased a XS from the women's department!!!  Growing pains are hard on moms!

5. Something furry was under my deck yesterday trying to escape the two straight days of rain we had and it was driving Charlie NUTS!
I sure hope whatever it is doesn't plan to stay all winter....I'm pretty sure it was a mouse :(

4. My new group of 4th graders are the sweetest little things ever, and more chatty than I am.....if you know me, you know that's saying ALOT :)
They are always talking about the topic at hand, but they like to talk about it for a good long time.  We'll have to find a creative way to cut down on our discussion time.....I'm thinking writing :)

3. Saturday mornings just might be the greatest thing that occurs during my work week!
I so needed that slow morning yesterday, with my coffee, my laptop, my doggie snuggled up next to me, and no place to be....almost felt like summer again!

2. I'm ready for fall!
I've been pinning fall decorating ideas on Pinterest like a mad woman and I'm already mentally planning our Fall Fun List (to replace the Summer Bucket list) and my fall porch decorations....I know what Katie and I are doing during our long weekend next week!

1. KSU Football season starts this coming Saturday and I couldn't be happier!
Purple Power Play on Poyntz and the first MHS football game are Friday night and the Cats play Saturday.  I'm dusting off my K-State purple and my MHS red and blue and prepping my cheering voice for many weekends of football....EMAW!!!!!

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  1. Love that 1st saying-my poor feet are still not used to regular shoes, they want the flip-flops back! Everyone was just walking around like zombies-it's so exhausting! :)



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