Friday, August 10, 2012

Christmas?....Sure, why not!

I don't know what has gotten into me this week, but I've got Christmas on the brain!  I was humming Christmas songs on Wednesday, browsing Christmas crafts yesterday, and today I'm planning a few Christmas crafting weekends!  I's August, but I say....when something is stuck in your brain....just go with it!

I'm thinking I will plan out Katie's teacher gifts, family gifts, fun crafts, and all the homemade stuff we want to do for the holidays.  I'm hoping to set aside 2 weekends a month to work on these projects.  I know.....I'm a crazy planner....I've learned to accept it.  We get so busy during the school year and I always find myself completely consumed with school that I start to get resentful of the time my job takes away from my family.  I'm hoping that by having this plan, the kids and I will have some designated craft time (and by kids, I mean Katie....let's face it, Jake would rather take a hot poker to the eye then spend a Saturday afternoon crafting with his mom and his sister :) and we'll be a few steps ahead when the holiday rush starts!  Here are a few of the things I'm looking at doing......all from Pinterest of course.....I wonder if I will have Pinterest withdrawls once school starts?????

For the East Wing Crew.....even though we're not together on the East Wing anymore :(

For Katie's teachers.....I'm thinking I'll add something else but not sure what?
My students.

For my oldest niece and stinkin' cute!

Some sort of goodie basket for my sis....she always sends us the cutest stuff and we don't get to see them during the holidays....I really want to make her, my mom and my sister-in-law something awesome this year!
My little niece and nephews will love these!

And all of these are for our home!  There was one more cute idea that I couldn't find this morning, but it's a gift that the kids open on Christmas eve (after 6pm), and it includes a Christmas movie, popcorn, PJs, and hot chocolate!

Well, that sure seems like alot, but some of these will only take a few minutes and won't be hard to do at all.  I can't wait to get started planning it all out......and now back to reality and yard work :)

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  1. So cute! You're making me think all about Christmas now too. Beautiful.

    Tangled with Teaching


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