Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Teacher Tuesday

I am beyond excited at the number of things I've accomplished this summer!!  I just know I'm going to be so thankful when school starts that I did a little bit each week and got a ton of stuff completed this summer!  Moving on from my self pat-on-the-back to my Monday Made It!  I'm linking up with Tara again at 4th Grade Frolics.  If you haven't stopped by to check out all the amazing things other teacher are making you are missing out.....or living on an other plant.

Made it #1: Pick and Persuade.  I saw these amazing persuasive writing prompts in April's TPT store, and I just had to have them.  I printed and laminated all 100 of them, and then put them in this adorable little jar I picked up at the second hand store earlier in the summer.  I just knew I'd find a use for that thing.  I painted the lid black and used a little Modpodge to attach the label.

Made it #2: What's for Dinner?  Isn't this just the cutest way to display the lunch menu?!?!?  I found it on Kelly's blog Fabulous in Fourth.  I still need to laminate it and attach the very first lunch menu of the school year!
The white piece of paper is the spot where the menu will go.

Made it #3: Highlighter name bucket.  I've seen these all over Pinterest and other blogs.  I couldn't find the original creator of this project, so if it's you please let me know....I want to give credit where it's due.  I picked up the little bucket in the Dollar Spot at Target and made the tag myself.  Here's hoping this gets my little peeps to put their name on ALL of their assignments :)

Made it #4: Credit cards!  Okay this is really another print and laminate, but it is just too cute.  I already have a monetary reward system in my classroom.  I've been using Denney Dollars for the past 5 years and the kids LOVE them!  They earn them for good behavior, having their planner signed each day, turning in assignments, helping out....all those good things we love to see in our kiddos.  Well, the kids save their money for our auctions.  The auctions only take place 4 times during the school year so they accumulate a big ol' pile o' dough during that time.  In the past they have misplaced some, lost some, had some stolen (this makes me so sad, but it's true), and just have a hard time keeping track of all those little bills in their desk.  This year I decided to keep the Denney Dollars (which I remade.....had to add a little Garfield :) but when they reach a certain amount (maybe $50 or $100) I will give them a credit card in place of their cash.  Then when auction time rolls around they can use their card for their purchases.  I plan to write the amount on the back of the credit card in a certain color and initial it so the kiddos can't change their totals.  I can't wait to break these out and see the looks on their faces.  I found them at Teachers Treasures!

Made it #5: Brain Breaks.  I used these same brain breaks in my classroom last year and I can't tell you how much my kids enjoyed them.  If I forgot, they reminded me about every 5 minutes until I finally gave them a little break!  As much as I loved them, I had a hard time remembering what some of them were.  I had originally put them on Popsicle sticks with no directions.  I would pick one, and if I couldn't remember what to do, I had to dig around until I found the directions (not exactly the short break it's designed to be).  So I saw this idea at The Diary of a Teachaholic ......perfection!!!!  I printed her freebie, laminated them, and will attach them to a ring.....just as soon as I can get into my classroom.

Made it #6: Pom Poms.  I love the way these turned out and I can't wait to hang them from the ceiling in my newly renovated classroom!  I found the directions on Pinterest....in about a million places!!

Whew....that was a list!  I'm already working on lots of goodies for next week and can't wait to share!  Don't forget to head on over to Tara's blog and link up!!


  1. WOW! I love that lunch menu! I've been searching for a way to display mine and that is just adorable! I also like the writing jar. I bought a similar jar from Wal-Mart and was thinking of using it for writing prompts too.

    Awesome stuff!

  2. Thanks Stacey! I wish I was creative enough to have thought of it all myself! Do you ever wonder what teachers did before the internet, blogging, or Pinterest :)


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