Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Teacher Tuesday

We got home from two weeks of vacation on Thursday night, and I jumped right into crazy-maniac-gotta-get-it-done teacher mode.  We don't start school until August 21st, but I also will be moving into a new classroom and every single thing I own is packed up and stored at school......which we can't get into until August 10th....maybe!!!!  So to keep from having a major panic attack, I am working my little tush off at home to get as much done as I can!  Tara has been so great in helping me get that done!  Her Monday Made it at 4th Grade Frolics has kept me thinking, and productive!

The first thing I made was a welcome sign.  These things have been all over Pinterest, and the one I originally pinned came from Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten.

Yes, I know there is an "E" missing, but I'm out of laminating sheets so I can't add the final "E" until tomorrow when my new ones arrive.

I started my master copy of our Reading Notebook.  I posted about it yesterday (you can read it here), and would love any advice you have on the subject!!!

I first saw this on Pinterest and since then have seen a ton on Monday Made It.  I pinned Jenny's pin from blog Mrs. Brown's Blog, here's my version!

I have also set a goal for myself to use more positive reinforcement in our classroom this year, and teach the students to be more positive and tolerent.  To help out with that I made a happiness bucket!

I've always had a suggestion box where kids can put ideas and such.  Unfortunately, that always turns into a a party-request-box.  As student last year asked if we could put Warm Fuzzies in the box like her teacher did the year before.  I LOVED this idea.  So I plan to do away with the suggestion box and instead use the Happy Bucket!  I made some Happy tickets for the kids to fill out when they see someone doing something good, want to give a compliment, or just have a kind word for a friend.  Feel free to use them!!

Lastly, I made new pencil buckets.  I found the idea on......you guessed it.....Pinterest.  Donna from Peace, Love, and Learning posted it with a freebie.  I used the freebie and added my own scrapbook paper to match my class colors!

Now to refill my coffee mug and head on over to Tara's blog to see what everyone else made this week!!!


  1. Wow! you were busy! Doesn't it feel great to be productive!


    Books, Blocks and Baskets

  2. Your Welcome sign looks great. I love the idea of a Happy Bucket. =)

    Thank you for sharing your projects. =)

    Heather's Heart

  3. I really love your welcome sign! You have been busy!

    Craft of Teaching


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