Saturday, July 28, 2012

10 Things I learned

Well guys it's Saturday which means the end of the week and another 10 Things I learned.  I'm gonna warn you.....I had the worst nights sleep ever last night so this list could get a little we go!!

10. My daughter is growing up at rocket speed and I'm just not ready.
Let's just say that shaving, a make-up lesson, shopping, and a training session on the flat iron were too much growing up for momma in one week!!

9. I'm sick of summer!
Yep, I said it.....the lover of all things summer has had enough.  Today 105 tomorrow 107......please make it stop!!

8. Funnel cake for dinner......bad idea!!

7. Two gals left all alone for a week may put on make up and paint their toe nails......
but they'll also watch a zillion super hero flicks and have several rounds of Nerf gun target practice.

6. Not being able to talk to your son for a week because he is on an island in Canada leads to creepy dreams and unnecessary panic.....I'm ready for my boy to come home!!!

5. I'm going to have a Rockin' classroom this year!!
I have worked my little tush off making stuff for my room and I just can't wait to get it all set up.  Having my lesson plans done and all this stuff made and organized is going to be so awesome when school starts!

We made pom poms to hang from the ceiling!

4. Finding out that I will have to take two Master's classes each semester instead of one has sent me into nesting mode!!!
I am so freaked out about the number of things I will have going on this fall that I ironed every single piece of dress clothing I own.....even the winter about being proactive (or call it what you want).  I even cleaned out two more closets, planned out 5 freezer crock pot meals, the menu for the entire month of August and made a huge to-do list of school and home projects that must be completed by August 10th.....I sure hope all this insanity pays off!!

3. I may have a root beer float addiction!

2. A rain storm after weeks and weeks of 100+ temps and no moisture can make you act like a kid!
Yep, we just had to go out and play in the was wonderful!

1.Spending an entire week, just me and my girlie has been AMAZING!!!
It seems like it was perfect timing for her and we have had some really special moments that I will always cherish!

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