Friday, July 27, 2012

Super Hero movies and Nerf gun....not your typical girl time!

I've never had this much girl time with Katie in her whole little life.  It's so strange not having Jacob here and we are missing him terribly.  This is going to start off random, but it's going somewhere....I promise!   Let me start by saying that I watch WAY too much Criminal Minds! 

Yes, old cast, but as great as Rossi is.....I just loved Gideon, and the new gal doesn't even compare to JJ!

Here's why....Jake called on Tuesday afternoon to let us know they had made it to their final stop before the boat ride to the island in Canada. His dad's phone was already not getting service and Jake thought he might not get service once they got to the island.  See.....plenty of warning that I may not hear from them, but is that good enough for my freaked out mommy brain.....NO!  We have not heard from them since Tuesday, and last night I had a dream that the Canadian authorieties called to inform us that my car (Why did they take my car to Canada......LONG story!) had been found abandonedd with all of their belongings still in it, and they were missing......Criminal Minds episode!  2 more days and my boy will be home safe and sound and I will be able to return to a normal rational person!!

Other than strange dreams about my boy I have been having the best time with my girlie!  We purchased new school supplies to put in her fabulous new Vera Bradley (half price) backpack!

She got her first razor and learned how to use it.....can she possibly be old enough for this?!?!  We purchased her own mascara and had a little session on how to apply makeup properly (No, she's not wearing it regularly or to school, she just asked me to teach her so we had a little glamour day.)  She even learned how to use the flat iron so she can do her own hair (should save me a boatload of time in the morning this fall).  All the typical things girls do during girl time.....except......

we watched a marathon of super hero movies, they're our favorite kind of movie,

and we made a Nerf gun target for practice and competition.  This was super simple.  I purchased a poster frame at WalMart for $7.  We took out the black liner paper and used the back (it happened to be white) to make our target.  We traced different sized bowls and then colored the circles with marker. Katie decided on the points system....too fun!

She also practiced her front handspring using the exercise ball, and we ate a dinner of nothing buy cheese dip and chips........if we'd had beer you could've called it "A Night with the Guys."  Tonight it's off to the fair for rides and a dinner she has already picked out.....turkey leg, potato ribbons, funnel cake, and a fried snickers.....Jacob better hurry up and get home before we both need to go on a diet!!!!

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