Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer Projects

I'm so excited that summer is here I can hardly stand it!  I have a huge list of summer projects I want to tackle....probably too many to actually accomplish, but I'll give it my best shot!  I have been so inspired by all the great photos on Pinterest, and by all the cool ideas I see on the blogs that I follow.  I can only hope that my attempts turn out to be as fabulous as the inspirations!  Here's my list:

Paint the front door and the mailbox.  I'm going with black....wish me luck!

Mulch and rock all the flower beds that surround my yard. This may not sound like a big deal, but if you've seen my yard you know what a huge job this will be.  We are talking the equivalent of 100 bags of mulch and probably 20 bags of's nuts!

Put together Katie's summer fun party!!

Revamping the laundry/craft room.....can't wait!

30 days of Pinterest.   I had the idea a while back to blog about 30 days full of Pinterest ideas.  All of our meals would be from Pinterest, my outfits would be inspired by pics on Pinterest, and I would complete a craft/DIY/tutorial found on Pinterest.  I'm hoping to start this project on June 1st, but I've got alot of work to do before then to prepare.  I'm hoping to make my full list this weekend!  Above are a few of the ideas I had.

Take a four day class to recertify so I can keep my teaching job, touch up paint around the house, clean out the closets, and reorganize the pantry.
That's my list for June....July is full of traveling and swimming!!!

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