Friday, May 18, 2012

The End

I totally love the last weeks of school!!! (said with a Valley Girl accent :)  It's crazy, hectic, and exhausting, but it's also easy, familiar, and comfortable.  We all know each other so well.  I hardly have to give any directions at all and everyone knows what to do (they're not doing it because it's the last weeks of school and they're super duper excited about summer....but they know what to do).  The kids know where everything is in the room.  They are the best helpers at the end of the year.  They know what needs to be done and just take care of it.

We are sort of like a family.  They argue and bicker like siblings.  I nag and get frustrated like a parent.  They share their stories and have something exciting to tell me every morning.  I dearly love them and hope they go on to enjoy a successful future.

It's true that you remember them always.  We were looking through some old binder books we'd made in years past and my current students were showing me their favorite pages, and I missed everyone of those kiddos I'd had in the past.  Looking at their old handwriting, 4th grade pictures, and silly stories made me a little sad.  I miss them when they're gone and I have nothing but hope for the very best for each and every one of them!!

Yes, sometimes they drive me absolutely crazy and I can't wait until the end of the school day when I can send them home, but I dearly love them and will truly miss them next year!!

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  1. I feel EXACTLY the same way this morning about my kiddos!! How in the world can they drive you so crazy but still make you sad they are leaving at the end of the year?!?!? :)


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