Sunday, May 20, 2012

Crafting Saturday!

Yesterday was one of my favorite kinds of Saturdays....a crafting day with my girlie!  I set out early to get all the supplies.  My crafting assistant was a little on the sleepy side so she rested while I did the buying (that's my specialty:) Since I had been completely overwhelmed with end of the school year stuff last week I skipped right over Teacher Appreciation week and felt just awful!  Katie made a cute little poem for her teacher, but they've done so much for her this year I really wanted to do more.  I found the perfect idea on Pinterest.  You can see the original idea at Simply Selta.  This is how ours turned out.

We opted for scrapbook paper for the label instead of an invitation.  We included two sodas instead of one, and we were lucky enough to find color coordinated Orbits gum and Ghirardelli chocolates.  We add a Cold Stone Creamery gift card to ensure it was a real summer treat.  We were so proud of our handy work that we moved right on to her invitations for her Summer Fun Party. 

We found these cute little printables on Pinterest.  You can get them at Eat Drink Chic  They are supposed to be used for a concentration game, but they made adorable invitations to her party.  Since they were small we had to use two.  We wrote Summer Fun Party on one and then the date and times on the other.  We put them in a bright yellow envelope and delivered them.  She is so excited for the party on Saturday....can't wait to hear the giggles!

Last we created gifts for my students.  I saw these on Pinterest and thought they were perfect for summer.....and inexpensive.  The original idea came from Teaching My Friends I was able to find the straws at Target (12 for $3) and the Kool-Aid was on sale for $0.24 a piece! That's right...24 gifts for less than $9!!!

I wanted cuter labels for mine and was lucky enough to find these from  A Cupcake for the Teacher.  I can't wait to surprise my students on the last day of school. 

I am also planning to include this sweet little letter from First Grade Factory

Three more school days until summer vacation and my summer craft list just keeps growing and growing!!!

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