Monday, October 8, 2012

iPad Question????

Do any of you have an iPad in your classroom?  How do you make the best use of one iPad in a classroom of 23?  What reading apps do you love?

Today we have an entire day of Professional Development and a portion of it will be dedicated to iPads.  I'm just dying to know how others are using theirs.  I only teach Language Arts and I teach it to 3 sections of 4th graders.  I'm just not sure how to best use one iPad in a LA classroom with 23 kiddos?  I would absolutely LOVE to hear what others are doing!!

Please chime in and help this clueless girl out.  I am pretty skilled at using it for myself, and my daughter is a pro at playing games on it, but I want to know how to best use it with my students.  I would also love to hear what LA apps you all are using and loving.....let the helpful comments begin!!!

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