Monday, October 22, 2012

10 things I learned this week....

10. A leaf vac/blower is a girls best friend!
I worked all day Saturday in the backyard getting a head start on the leaf clean up....I call it a head start because I usually do nothing with the leaves until spring.  I used the leaf vac to clean up under the bushes and around the fence, and I gotta  tell ya....I'm in love with that thing!

9. A hedge trimmer runs a close second to winning my heart!
Yep, that guy is pretty handy.  I borrowed it from a friend, and I'm thinking I just may need to purchase one for myself.  The bushes will be looking shapely and fine all winter long.

8. An  entire day to work in my classroom is the best gift I could ever receive.
Seriously, if you're a teacher you know this.  I actually got to enjoy my entire weekend.  I was able to get this weeks lesson plans all finished (granted it's only a 3 day week due to conferences on Wed. night, and all day Thurs. and Thurs. night), and a head start on the lesson plans for next week.

7. Kansas weather can be surprising and a bit annoying!
Okay, truthfully I already knew this!  It was an absolutely beautiful weekend!!!  Temperatures in the mid 70's, sunny, and lovely.  The high on Wednesday is 84, and on Saturday.....47!  I turned my heat on a while back when the over night low was 26!!!  That's fall in KS....heater one day, A/C the next!

6. My daughter is spoiled rotten and I can't say no to her.
It's true!  I have a ton of stuff going on this week....including two 12 hours work days due to conferences, and my sweet little angel (dripping with sarcasm there people) decides she just can not possibly wear her school Halloween costume to the party she is attending Saturday night!  So, I guess when we are off of school on Friday we will be creating a new costume....ugh, why can't I tell her no????

5. I have a crazy neighbor!
Actually I have two crazy neighbors, but one is absolutely NUTS!  On Saturday while cleaning up the leaves about 6 cops show up at a house in the cul-de-sac behind me.  They go to one house and then cross the cul-de-sac to another house and begin beating on the door.  They do that for 20 minutes, yelling for the woman to come out.  They are in the backyard looking in the window, peeking in the front door, and finally she comes out.  Turns out the neighbor who's house they went to first called the police because when she came home from an  errand she found the other neighbor in her bedroom wearing black gloves!  There is more to the story.....but it's just too much to type.  Even though my neighbor is in jail at the moment....we will be very careful to keep the doors locked!!!

4. An entire day of relaxing and reading is necessary sometime.
Yesterday I finished a book, walked the dog, went to Sis's volleyball game, made myself shrimp curry, and did lots of thinking.  I usually work so hard on Sundays while the kids are gone.  I always feel like I should get a jump start on the week, do all of these extra things so I can enjoy more time with the kids when they are home, but this Sunday.....I needed a break.  I'm so thankful I was able to treat myself this way....I needed it!

3. Conferences make me nervous!
Yep, even though this will be the 11th time I've done Parent/Teacher conferences I am still a nervous wreck!  I've got an early one tomorrow during my plan time, and the rest are Wed. and Thurs......I am really hoping I'm not blindsided by some unknown issue.  I hope the parents of my students think I'm doing a good job and that I'm able to answer all of their questions.....ugh, I'm never any good with parents.....I know this and this is why I work with 9 and 10 year olds all day :)

2. Dessert always brings a smile!
I have been trying to make a small dessert each week for my little family.  It's never anything fancy or outrageously special, but they always love it and they always smile!

1. I am horrible with big decisions!
Yep, I freak out, stress out, and get all sick to my stomach.  I've got a big decision to make and I'm already feeling nauseous!  Why can't I be better with these things?


  1. Just found your site through Megan! I had to click over when I read that you get one hour(ish) for literacy!!! I'm shocked!!! How do you manage that??

    I'm your newest follower!

    Second Grade Sparkle

    1. Kate,
      Thrilled to have you as a new follower! The hour literacy block is tough! I feel like I never have enough time to do the writing that we need. We departmentalize in 4th-6th grade at my school which means I only teach LA. So with specials, lunch, recess, and transitions that only leaves an hour and 15 minutes each for reading, math, and social studies/science. Our school is very math driven this year so it was important to find an entire hour for math....some how we make it work!


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