Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Teacher Tuesday

It's time to link up with Tara's Monday Made It at 4th Grade Frolics!!!

Well, I crafted my little tush off this weekend to complete my Teacher Tuesday projects!  First I made these amazing little community supply holders.  It took me an eternity to decide on labels and find the right size bins, but I finally finished them!

My inspiration came from Ladybug's Teacher Files.  I changed mine up a bit to fit our needs.  My bin includes: pencils, colored pencils, erasers and a sharpener, Expos, scissors, rulers, and glue. I apologize for the sloppy looking supplies....had to pull them out of my daughter's pencil bag from last year.  They will look much nicer with shiny new supplies at the beginning of the year :) 

I love the way  Dandelions and Dragonflies organized her student seating, and am planning to use this method for my classroom set up this fall. These little bins will sit on top of each bookcase.  Since we departmentalize I teach 3 sections of reading, and have around 70ish little 4th graders in my room throughout the day.  I am hoping to use the bookcase so that each class can keep their reading folders, and reading notebooks on the book shelf along with a set of reading text books for the group.  I also plan to have dictionaries and thesaurus there as well.  I think having those little 4th graders carry less across the hall, and always have what they need when they get to my classroom will eliminate the wasted time of running back and forth between rooms to retrieve the things they are missing

I am also planning to purchase magazine holders (probably plain cardboard and cover in a fabric that matches) to make this whiteboard/paper holders for the top of their bookcases as well. Another inspiration from Ladybug's Teacher Files . One less thing they have to roam around the room to retrieve.....think of all the on-task-time I just created!!!!

I also made new number sticks for calling on students during group discussions.  I got my inspiration from A Cupcake for the Teacher.  Since my student's chairs are blue, their desks are black, and I have a big Garfield collection in my room, I decided to go with a black, blue, orange, and lime green color scheme (the lime green is just because I love it).  I made my sticks to match my supply bins.

Finally, I found these adorable little instruction helpers at First Grade Glitter and Giggles.  I love how they already have a blue polka dot border to match what I made!  I also love the way Marisa uses them, and hope it really helps in reducing the number of times I have to repeat instructions.  Is it just me, or are all teachers sick of listening to the sound of their own voice by the end of the day.....I feel like a broken record some days!

Well, heading on over to Tara's blog to check out what everyone else made....can't wait to see all the cute creations!!!!


  1. Hi Lisa,
    Wow! You have gotten a lot done:)))) I love all you did! Thanks for sharing and linking up:))) I am so excited about all the amazing ideas everyone is sharing:)))))

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. You have really been working. It looks great. I love the title of your blog.

    I am your newest follower.


    1. Hi Jill,
      I thrilled to have you as a new follower! I love that Tara at 4th Grade Frolics has the idea for the Monday Made It....it's keeping me motivated to get all my new school projects completed!! I'm heading over to checkout Yor blog now!

  3. We have been inspired by the same things! Wow. I have all of those pinned and plans for each of them. I will be making supply bins for my kids tables too!

    Fun is Found in Fourth

    1. Aren't you just blown away by some peoples creativity when it comes to organizing their classrooms?!?!? I often wonder how teachers did it before Pinterest, blogging, the internet....I would be lost without the amazing ideas of others! Can't wait to see what yours turn out like!

  4. The projects you completed for this post are fantastic, and you have totally inspired me to create some of these things in my room for the upcoming year as well!! I can't wait to see your future crafts!

    1. So glad you like them! I've had lots of fun this summer getting them all done...can't wait to put them to use! Good luck with your future projects!


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