Saturday, June 30, 2012

10 things I learned this week.....

Yep, even though it's summer I'm still learning!  I learned 10 things this week.....some good and some not so good.

10. I'm not afraid to stick my hand half way down a dogs throat!

Charlie loves his raw hide sticks, but he's got bad judgment when it come to how large of a piece he can swallow.  He consistently tries to swallow something that is too big and then hacks for half an hour trying to dislodge it.  I always end up reaching down his throat to get it ability to do this comes from years of cleaning up VERY nasty things from 2 children, a dog, and a classroom of 4th graders!

9. I'm in love with the exterminator!

Okay, I'm not actually in love with the man that comes to our house to spray for bugs every three months, but I am in love with the fact that he does it and keeps the creepy crawlies out of here!!!  I found a nasty bug in the house last week, called the company and he was out in 2 days to take care of the me that is equivalent to Prince Charming riding in on a white horse and rescuing me!!!

8. I'm addicted to Pinterest!

Deep down, I think I already knew this.  I know this addiction will come to a screetching halt once school starts, but for right now I'm going to ride the high and pin to my hearts content!

7. An 11 year old girl sometimes needs to have a sloppy, wet, snot dripping , soul cleaning, cry!

And after she's got it all out of her system, she needs her mom to come to her room, talk with her, hang out on her bed and watch TV with her, and hug her and tell her she's beautiful and smart.....I'm happy to do it, anytime she needs it!

6. Even great teenagers need a serious talking to on occasion.

 My son is terrific....he really is!  He's smart, honest, trustworthy, kind, and funny.  Deep down he always wants to do the right thing, but his teenage years have turned him into a slug!!!  This week I had to have a serious talk with him about his laziness, lack of motivation, commitment and follow through.....I don't really know how much good it did, but I said what needed to be said....the rest he'll have to figure out on his own.  Life was so much easier when he would just do exactly what I said, when I said to do it.....this growing up thing is really hard for me!!!

5. I spend way too much money at Target!!

Seriously, I'm thinking that investing in some of their stock might be the right plan.  I worked on our family budget this week and discovered just how much we spend and what we spend it on.....YIKES!!!  I know most of the Target purchases are groceries and household products, but honestly the amount spent seems astronomical!  Okay, now I know....time for an intervention!

4. I like cooking!

I kinda always thought I enjoyed cooking, but mostly looked at it as a chore that I had to do.  This summer I've really spent time looking thought cookbooks, browsing Pinterest (see # 8 for that issue) and planning some yummy and healthy meals!  I've enjoyed the planning AND the preparing....I hope this trend continues into the fall!

3. Kids will work for money.....I mean REALLY work!!

Both of my children are desperate to earn money this summer for various things and they are willing to work for it.  Jacob has been cleaning at the bar his Dad owns (the regular cleaning guy is out of town), and is doing a great job!  He is getting paid, and that makes getting him out of bed before noon a much easier job.  Katie needs a Vera Bradley backpack (needs people, needs) and she is desperately trying to find anyway she can to make enough money to pay for half of it.  She is so willing to clean that I can't help but smile at all the free time I am racking up!

2. I found my love for teaching again!

 It's been a rough three years as far as my teaching career goes.  I have really questioned whether this is what  I want to do.  In all honesty, I have not been happy doing it for the past two years. It's been a struggle to force myself to get excited about the last two school years, and to plan lessons.  But, this summer, my passion is back!  I am so excited about this school year.  I have been working hard at creating things for my new classroom.  I've got a million ideas floating around in my head for lesson plans, and I'm pumped about starting my Master's Degree.  I don't know where the new found love came from, but I am so very thankful it's back!!

Maybe weekly lunches with my Marlatt family has helped!

1. I'm opinionated!

 I've always liked to view myself as open-minded, but I learned this week that I'm very opinionated and little closed-minded.....and I don't like it.  This is something I'm moving to the top of the Need-To-Work-On list!!!  This ugly side of me cannot continue now that I see it so very clearly!


  1. Love this post! You are awesome! I'm glad you're my friend with all of your assets, views on life, and flaws!

    1. Ahhh, that's so sweet...thanks!!! You're pretty fabulous yourself you know!

  2. I am so proud of you for being so consistent with the blog and sharing with the rest of us. You are absolutely amazing!

  3. Wow!! Thanks Renee...I am absolutely thrilled that people find it worth their time to read. It's been something I've really enjoyed doing and hope to continue to find time to do it during the school year!

  4. The power of prayer can bring about amazing results (see #2)!


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