Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Teacher Tuesday

Hooray for teacher crafting!  I'm linking up with Tara again at 4th Grade Frolics for her Monday Made It session.....I absolutely LOVE checking out what other crafty teachers are creating over the summer!  It's wonderful inspiration, and it helps me to stay organized and get my act together!!

I am hoping to get some classroom decorating stuff done this summer, but not being able to get into my room makes it hard.  We are undergoing a massive renovation (the entire school district!) and had to pack up our entire building and ship it off to another city.  I have a general idea of the layout of my new room this fall, but not a clue where cabinets will be, how big the new windows are....etc.  It's hard to get curtains, labels, bins, etc. done without measurements.  After moving twice last year to prepare for the renovation, I am super duper excited to get into my new room this fall, get it set up, and looking amazing all before open house....let's hope the renovation is on schedule and we don't have to wait until the night before school....terrifying!!!  Okay, too much information, on with my project!

Cover! My Dad bought me my first Garfield pillow when he was on a business trip many, many years ago, and I have been collecting items ever since....my students love looking at my collection!  It's the new color inspiration for my classroom...orange, black, blue, and a few hints of lime green.)

I found the idea for this homework binder on Pinterest and just loved it!  We departmentalize in 4th grade at my school and I teach language arts to three sections of students.  Managing homework for 60-75 students is almost a full time job by itself.  I love this idea of making them accountable and having documentation to show parents.

Divided into sections for each teacher

We do have a computerized, on-line grade card system where parents can see their child's grade at any time during the school year and access missing assignments, and things like that, but parents don't really make use of it until middle school and high school.  This is a great tool for me, and something simple I can hand to my fellow 4th grade teacher when they have conferences with parent.

Each student will have a page (in alphabetical order) behind their teacher's tab.

I asked my daughter who will be a 6th grader (her last year in the same building with me....bring on the Kleenex!) what she thought about having to sign and write a reason for having a late assignment, she said, "Oh, I would die, I'm pretty sure I would never have a late assignment."  Okay, so my intention is not to humiliate, but to make them accountable for their work.  Hope it works!

Made it home edition....I posted yesterday about my mailbox makeover. After finishing the mailbox I painted my master bedroom this fabulous color (Rhino)...

I can't wait to show the before and after pictures when  I get the whole room done.....it's looking A...MAZ...ING!!! I live in land-locked-Kansas, and am going for a coastal/beach vibe.  It's an unfair fate that I've lived my whole life in Kansas when my heart aches to live near the coast....now my master bedroom will make me feel a little more like I'm living in my dream place!


  1. Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for linking up:) Love your homework binder ideas and love Garfield:)) I have been trying to get my teacher binder organized and done!!! I also love the color you painted your bedroom. I have settled on Pewter Mug which is also a Behr color:) Now if the painting fairy would only come......

    4th Grade Frolics

    1. Ohhh, that color sounds pretty! I hear ya on the painting fairy....I love a newly decorated room, but had the painting. Can't wait to see your new teacher binder....bet it will be adorable!


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