Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Lorax Sequel

Yesterday in my classroom we read The Lorax and then discussed it's relevance to Earth Day.  The kids wrapped up the activity with a writing project.  The pretended they were asked by Dr. Seuss to pick up the story from the end.  The point where the boy is holding the last Truffula Seed, and write about what happened next.

Those little peeps are so stinking creative.   Their papers were so good,  I think I'm going to have them color the background and then laminate the piece as a keepsake!  That was not my original plan for the lesson, but as I was reading the story the idea just came to me so I ran with it.  I absolutely love when things work out that way!

Then, talk about even more excellence and brilliance, we set up for the Little Britches sale last night.  We had 7 stupendous volunteers who rocked set up.  They worked so hard and since they had all done it before, knew exactly what to do.  We were done an hour and 45 minutes early.  Plenty of time to relax on the sofa and chat with my kiddies about their day.  Looking forward to another night of success!

Today is the one year anniversary of my dear friend Lisa's passing.  I am so thankful to be able to use her teaching files every day..  She makes me a better teacher and still teaches 4th graders....the thing she loved doing most.  We are all wearing our Hope t-shirts to school today.....I'm trying not to let myself get too emotional.  I can't help thinking about this very day last year when I had to break the news to my sweet little Katie, and then my 25 little fourth graders.  It was a very rough week for all of us, and something I never hope to experience again.  My thoughts are solely with her family today.....I can't imagine how difficult this day must be for them :(  Miss you Lisa!!!

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