Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's amazing how much talking really helps

A few days ago Katie made that comment "Well, you're never around....you're always working."  I was crushed.....completely and totally crushed.  I asked her what she meant and she instantly took it back.  Of course I couldn't let it go, I just kept hounding her about what she meant.

Last night it finally came out that she hates the Little Britches Sale.  Well, not so much the sale, but she despises the week that I have to work 14 hour days.  She said it feels like she doesn't see me for a whole week (and that's pretty close to the truth) and she doesn't like how busy it makes all of us, or how stressed out I get (eye opener).

So glad we finally came to the real source of the problem.  I was feeling like the world's worst mother because my baby thought I wasn't there for her, when it turns out it's two weeks out the year that she dislikes because she misses me....that I can handle.  I made the commitment last night to be sure to spend at least a few minutes of quality time with her.  In the past, when the kids were young,  they had to spend the entire crazy week with their dad so I really didn't get to see them. The past couple of years, as they've gotten older, it's been better.  This year they will only be with him after school, and then during the evening until I get home at 9:30.  They will sleep in their own beds and I will get a chance to connect with each of them before bed, and then again before school in the morning.

I'm hoping this helps my sweet girlie feel better, and know that even if her mom is busy she is always there for her.  Last night we snuggled in her bed and she told me all about her plans with her friends after school today, and we made a promise to talk about all the fun they have tonight before bed.  She seemed REALLY happy....love that girl!!

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